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I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. A graduate of McGill University, I moved to Kitchener, Ontario in 1979. I worked for the City of Kitchener for twenty-eight years, as an executive assistant, marketing associate and, for the last nine years before retirement, as Coordinator of Volunteers. In 2009, I was named Volunteer Manager of the Year at the Volunteer Impact Awards. I retired in the summer of 2012. I always enjoyed writing letters, term papers, even exams – anything that someone else was going to read. I was forty before I realized this meant I was a writer. Since then, my writing has been recognized locally in literary competitions across multiple genres. I am constantly producing new work, despite various death-defying activities thought up by husband Bob with whom I shared ownership of a 34-foot sailboat for several years. I am currently writing a book about life with Bob on land and sea, a fat feline named Blackberry and my mother’s ghost.

I enjoy teaching writing and have been doing so at community centres and in my home for over a decade.

I have been published in several anthologies in the past ten years.  I am excited to announce that two new stories of mine are being published in 2014 in two different Canadian anthologies.

Our beloved cat, Blackberry, passed away at the age of 18 in late 2011. In February 2013, my husband and I adopted a puppy and life changed forever.  For the better, once potty training in the middle of winter was over. A book about my retirement project (the dog) is currently in the works.

in 2010, I was honoured to receive the Mentor Award from the Arts Awards Waterloo Region for my work mentoring other writers.

    Leslie Bamford’s Career Notables

Recognized in blind literary competitions; judges have chosen my work across multiple genres, winning in playwriting, short fiction, non-fiction and memoir contests.

Contributed to and helped produce The Grand Table Anthology, a collection of works submitted by 50 writers from Waterloo-Wellington region.

Helped produce Many Women Two Men, an anthology which won the Waterloo Region Arts Council’s “Best Book Award,” 2002.

Enjoyed seeing my 1-act play, “Lonely Knights and Gin,” produced at Waterloo Little Theatre, 2001

Member of DoveTale Writer’s Collective and past member of the Waterloo-Wellington Canadian Authors Association.

For over a decade, I have participated in editing circles to help local writers hone their writing talents.

I deliver adult creative writing courses and writing courses on memoir several times a year at a local community centre.

I have just completed the 11th session of this class, with ten students in each session. My students inspire me!

    Leslie Bamford’s Literary Highlights

Published work:

Short story, “Siren Eyes,” published in Alberta in anthology A Beaver is Eating my Canoe, about travel and humour, 2008

Short story, “Death by Vacation,” published in California in anthology More Sand in my Bra, 2007; story also published in Alberta in anthology, Mugged by a Moose, 2006

Short story, “Light”, published in Words from Here, a roadway of stories from Waterloo-Wellington Writers, 2008

Short Story, “Too Bad About the Squirrels” published in Many Women, Two Men, Dove Tale, 2001

Short Story, “The Best Laid Plans,” published in The Grand Table Anthology, 1997

Leslie Bamford’s Award Winning Stories:

“Christmas Nuts” 1st place, Waterloo Regional Arts Council Literary Competition, non-fiction 2006

“Confessions of a Female Mariner” 1st place, Waterloo Regional Arts Council Literary Competition, non-fiction 2005

“Land of Cows and Serenity” 1st place, Waterloo Regional Arts Council Literary Competition, non-fiction 2003

Many Women, Two Men, (Book Award – contributing author) 1st place, Waterloo Regional Arts Council Literary Competition, non-fiction 2002
“Courage” 500-word Short Fiction, Canadian Authors Association 1st place 2004

“Mostly Spirit Now” Short Fiction, Canadian Authors Association 1st place 2001 and published in the Waterloo Region Record

“Lonely Knights and Gin” One-Act Play, Canadian Authors Association 1st place 2000

“Summer’s Silver Lining” 1st place, CBC short story contest: 1992 – included on-air reading

Other awards:

Third Place: “Heron Stillness” 1999; Memoir, CAA and published in the Waterloo Region Record

Fourth Place: “Don’t Know Finds Out” 1997; Writing for Children, CAA

Honourable Mention: “It’s Never Too Late”, Short Fiction, 1995, CAA

Second Honourable Mention: “Move Over, Acker Bilk”1998; Creative Non-fiction, CAA

Third Honourable Mention: “Long Distance Daughter”1996; Poetry, CAA

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